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kingofkulelna's Journal

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Bakura, King of Thieves
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About ’Family’ History Notes Zorc
Name: Bakura
Nickname: Bloom (Still goes by Floret to most people.)
Age: 23, he can’t answer on request.
Actual birthday: Mid-August
Given birthday(by traumayouth): 1st April

Hair Colour: Dusty White
Eye Colour: Purple/Clouded
Clothes: Kilt, light brown over-jacket and the red robe. Is more often than not covered in stolen gold
’Father’: mutou_san
‘Brother’: traumacontrol

Waifu: eternal_samsara
Despite the DR and everything that happened to him, he still went on to become blood thirsty toward the Pharaoh, to collect the items, to put them where the tablet requested without knowing the consequences. He was preparing, robbing the tomb of Aknamkanon, the former Pharaoh – and then suddenly, the familiar walls from two important parts of his life, the dressing room.

During the seven years he was back in Egypt he evolved into the Thief he is – despite still reliant on Diabound, he can hold his own in a fight, killing went from the worst thing ever to ‘protection’, he began to be known by the people of villages and cities as ‘The King of Thieves’. He found that name fitting.
He still actively tries to collect the items.

Currently has:
1x Millinnm Rod (traumacontrol’s, owns it every other argument.)

Blind in his scar eye and now possesses the full scar. He is a manga canon Thief King Bakura that isn’t from the memory world, but retains the memories from being in the DR.

He isn't as strong as he thinks he is.

He has not broken into the palace yet.

He doesn’t know of YnBakura/Zorc’s existence and does not get killed by Ra. Upon putting the items in the tablet he will be killed on spot.
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Social capital

  • less than 10